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Food Ministry

Established in 2008 FSBC Hollywood is an agency of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank that provides groceries, and sometimes when donations are available basic staples to people who are at risk of hunger.


Our Church operates one branch facility in Hollywood Los Angeles, following both the front line and warehouse food bank models. We currently feed an average of 1,500+ people a month.


According to in California alone 4,453,400 people are struggling with hunger and of them 1,638,430 are children. Families still encounter heavy financial difficulties and often must choose between eating and other necessities. Without a reliable source of healthy food, family tensions are increased, finding a job is harder, kids can’t focus in school, and less healthy food options are chosen.


Here at FSBCH we will feed as many as we can and educate others by example on the importance of helping your neighbor. Together we can make a difference.

Women's Ministry

FSBCH women's ministry is based on a group of faithful and loving women. The women in our church have become a beacon of support for one another, and the ministries in our church. Our Sunday school is open for discussion of the word of God and understanding of the scripture in the Bible. Everyone is welcome! 


Together we will learn more about Gods love and purpose for our lives as we open our hearts to Him.

Youth Ministry

Here at FSBC Hollywood our youth ministry is all about investing in the future of our youth, empowering and inspiring them through service to their community, mission opportunities, acting and recreational activities as well, such as annual youth retreat, and much more. We meet on Friday nights at 7:30pm in our youth lounge area where we have Bible study, open discussion, and prayer time.

Kids Ministry

Here at FSBCH we believe that parents are designed to be the primary influence in a child’s spiritual formation (Proverbs 22:6) and we want to encourage and support that goal. We meet in a classroom after Sunday morning worship and not only provide a bible lesson, an activity, sometimes refreshments, but we listen as well. This is a place where children are encouraged to express themselves, be empowered and to learn more about God and His love for them.

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